January 09, 2007
Parts Desciption Price
ACC-0060-00 CARRYING CASE, CruiseLAN (View) 20.00
ALN-1000-00 RECEIVER, PCMCIA, CruiseLAN (View) (Sold out)
ALN-1010-00 RECEIVER, DESKTOP, CruiseLAN (View) (Sold out)(Substitution)
ALN-1020-00 ACCESS POINT, CruiseLAN (View)(Sold out)
ZND-3600-E1 CRUISEPAD, CruiseLAN (View) 95.00

Zenith Data Systems CruiseLan family products are based on Proxim RangeLan2 series.
CruiseLan standard is not compatible with a current wireless standards like 802.1a/b/g.
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