Zenith Supersport 286

ZWL-200-02, 20 MB HDD
ZWL-200-04, 40 MB HDD

This manual describes the SupersPort 286 Portable Computer, an 80286 based computer. The SupersPort 286 Portable Computer and the SupersPort Portable Computer, an 8088 based computer, appear almost identical except for the keyboard and LEDs. Be sure that the unit you are working on is the SupersPort 286.

The SupersPort 286 Portable Computer is a fully PC-compatible computer. It offers full computing capabilities in a small, lightweight package. In performance and power it most closely resembles the Z-286 computer with some obvious differences. The video system uses an advanced LCD controller rather than the more common 6845 controller. It also uses the low-power 8OC286 microprocessor and cannot accept expansion cards. Some of its other features are:

* A 25-row, 80-column liquid crystal display with a pixel resolution of 640 x 400. This display uses a double twisted-phneumatic LCD display with an advanced video controller.

* A 79-key keyboard that maintains full PC-compatibility with the standard 84-key keyboard and the 101-key advanced keyboard by using mode switching and multiple keys to duplicate the keypad and special function key operation.

* A keypad interface connector (5-pin DIN). The optional external keypad accessory provides the functionality of the 101 -key advanced keyboard.

* RGB video output from a 9-pin connector on the rear panel of the computer.

* One serial communications port (DB-9) and one parallel port (DB-25).

* An external floppy disk drive/tape backup connector (DB-25).

Chapter 1

A real-time clock.

A rechargeable Ni-Cad battery for portable operation. 4.0 A/Hr rated.

One internal 1.4M, 3.5-inch floppy disk drive and one internal 20M or 40M, 3.5-inch hard disk drive, depending on the model. An optional external disk drive unit is available with one 360K 5.25-inch drive.

1 M total memory, expandable to 2M,3MB*, or 5MB**

An optional Hayes 1200B- or 2400B-compatible modem for data communication over telephone lines.

A 120/240 volt AC auto-switching power line adapter.

An optional 12-volt DC automotive cigarette lighter adapter.

SupersPort 286 Portable Computer

Optional Equipment

Table 1-1 lists the hardware options available for the
SupersPort 286 computer.

Table 1-1. Hardware Options


12-volt DC cigarette lighter adapter ZA-181-7
24 key numeric keyboard ZA-3034-NP
Expansion chassis and connector ZAS-3034-EV
Extended/EMS expansion memory (1 M) ZA-180-66
Hayes 1200B-compatible modem ZA-181-19
Hayes 2400B-compatible modem ZA-181-20,ZA-181-24

Related Publications

SupersPort 286 Portable Computer Owner's Manual (595-4107) - This manual, provided with the computer, describes the installation and operation of the computer for the user. It includes a brief description of the hardware, its configuration, and basic maintenance.

You may also find the following publications useful. They are available from Intel Corporation, 3065 Bowers Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95051.

Intel IAPX 286 Hardware Reference Manual This manual provides an in-depth study of the 80286 microprocessor and the 80287 numeric coprocessor.

Intel IAPX 286 Programmer's Reference Manual - This manual Provides information on the architecture of the 80286, including its basic and extended instruction sets. Also includes detailed information about CPU addressing modes, memory management, and system control.

MS-DOS Programmer's Utility Pack (CB-3163-30) -This software package from Zenith Data Systems contains information and software to write and assemble MS-DOS and 8088 and 80286 assembly language programs. Separate packages are available for MS-DOS version 2 and MS-DOS version 3.


Processor: 8OC286 CMOS 16-bit processor.
Type: 32-bit internal.
Clock speed: Switch selected: 12 MHz or 6 MHz.
Coprocessor: Optional 80287 numeric data coprocessor.

Memory: 1 MB dynamic RAM total standard (eight 256-kilobit x 4 devices). Expandable to 5MB.

Display: LCD device.
Capacity: 80 x 25 characters in text mode. 640 x 400 (double-scanned) pixels in graphics mode. PC-compatible in normal text and graphics mode.
Sound: Miniature transducer.

Serial port: Asynchronous serial RS-232C port (DB-9 connector). 1 start bit, 7- or 8-bft word length, 1 or 2 stop bits. Selectable baud rates of 110, 150, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, or 9600 baud. RD, CTS, DSR, CD signals recognized. TD, RTS, DTR control signals generated. Half- or full-duplex operation.

Page 1-2 Introduction

Parallel port: Centronics-type parallel output port (DB-25 connector).

Video: RGB (color) video with intensity signals. Output is through a 9-pin connector.
Modem: RJ-11 modular line and telephone connectors. Optional modems: 300/1200 baud (Hayes 1200B compatible) and 300/1200/2400 (Hayes 1200B compatible at 300 or 1200 baud and Hayes 2400 compatible at 2400 baud).

Floppy disk drive: 3.5-inch double-sided, high-density. 1.4M formatted capacity, 135 tpi, 9 sectors per track. Write-protection recognized.

Optional external 5.25-inch double-sided, double-density floppy disk drive. 360K formatted capacity, 48 tpi, 9 sectors per track. Write-protection recognized.

Hard disk drive: 3.5-inch 20M or 40M formatted capacity, depending on model.

Keyboard: 79 keys: 60-key alphanumeric typewiter arrangement with four multifunction keys, four cursor control keys, and ten function keys. Full PC-compatibility maintained. by using mode switching and multiple keys to duplicate keypad and special function key operation.

Optional external keypad. Provides functionality of 101 -key advanced keyboard.

Power requirements: +16.5 VDC (11.4 VDC minimum) at 3.2 A maximum (57.6 watts), minus in the center plug

External power line adapter
Input voltage: 120/240-volt, auto-switching (90 - 260 VAC).
Input frequency: 50 or 60 Hz (48 - 62 Hz).
Current: 2 A maximum continuous under full load.
Output voltage: 16.5 VDC 5% at 2 A maximum. 200 mv maximum ripple.

Battery: 12.5 volt (4.0 AHr) NiCad battery pack (removeable) standard - HDD systems. Thermocontrolled charging with overcharge and short circuit protection low battery indicator. Battery life 3.1 hours (heavy user duty cycle). Computer is operational while battery is recharging. Battery life - minimum 200 charge/discharge cycles. Shelf life up to 5 years. Battery pack weight - 3.0 lbs.

Operating: 400 - 95- F (5- - 35- C) at 20% - 80% relative humidity (non-condensing).
Storage: -400 - 1250 F (-40- - 510 C) at 20% - 80% relative humidity (non-condensing).

Introduction Page 1-3
To enter CMOS setup:
-press Control Alt Insert
-type SETUP then press Enter key.

ZWL-200-02 HDD type 6
ZWL-0200-04 HDD type 44


Model #____ Part #_______ Description
--------------- -------------- ----------------------------------------
ZWL-0200-02 150-0413-00 AC ADAPTER, 110/220 VAC
ZWL-0200-02 150-0417-00 BATTERY, 4.0 A/HR
ZWL-0200-02 151-1059-00 HARD DRIVE, 20 MB, CP 323
ZWL-0200-02 193-0068-00 MAIN BOARD
ZWL-0200-02 232-0292-00 COVER, LCD CABLE
ZWL-0200-02 232-0402-00 POWER SUPPLY W/LCD CABLE
ZWL-0200-02 261-0067-00 FOOT, BOTTOM
ZWL-0200-02 418-0055-00 BATTERY, 4.0 A/HR
ZWL-0200-02 595-4107-08 MANUAL OWNERS
ZWL-0200-02 860-0197-00 MANUAL, SERVICE
ZWL-0200-02 969-0610-00 BACKLIGHT ASSEMBLY
ZWL-0200-02 969-0876-00 COVER, POWER SWITCH
ZWL-0200-02 969-0877-00 COVER, MODEM
ZWL-0200-02 969-0878-00 COVER, DIP SWITCH ACCESS
ZWL-0200-02 969-0879-00 BLANK PANEL, HARD DRIVE
ZWL-0200-02 969-0880-00 LATCH ASSEMBLY , LEFT
ZWL-0200-02 969-0881-00 LATCH ASSEMBLY , RIGHT
ZWL-0200-02 969-0882-00 COVER, HINGE, LEFT
ZWL-0200-02 969-0883-00 COVER, HINGE, RIGHT
ZWL-0200-02 969-0884-00 HINGE ASSEMBLY , LEFT
ZWL-0200-02 969-0885-00 HINGE ASSEMBLY , RIGHT
ZWL-0200-02 969-0894-00 CABLE, FLOPPY, INTERFACE
ZWL-0200-02 969-0896-00 BRACKET, FLOPPY DRIVE
ZWL-0200-02 969-0907-00 POWER SWITCH BOARD
ZWL-0200-02 969-0911-00 SPEAKER
ZWL-0200-02 969-0912-00 HANDLE
ZWL-0200-02 969-0942-00 CABINET, LCD BACK
ZWL-0200-02 969-0943-00 PLUG, LINE/TEL, MODEM COVER
ZWL-0200-02 969-0944-00 BACK PLATE, MAIN BOARD
ZWL-0200-02 969-0947-00 COVER, I/O PORTS
ZWL-0200-02 969-0950-00 MOUNTING PIN, HANDLE
ZWL-0200-02 969-0952-00 SHIELD, LCD
ZWL-0200-02 969-0953-00 CABINET, KEYBOARD
ZWL-0200-02 969-0954-00 CABINET, LCD FRONT
ZWL-0200-02 969-0955-00 LED INDICATOR BOARD
ZWL-0200-02 969-0956-00 VIDEO ADJ. BOARD
ZWL-0200-02 969-0957-00 LCD DISPLAY
ZWL-0200-02 969-0961-00 CABLE, LCD INTERFACE
ZWL-0200-02 969-0962-00 CABINET, BOTTOM
ZWL-0200-02 969-0964-00 BRACKET, I/O PORT COVER
ZWL-0200-02 969-0967-00 CUSHION, DISPLAY MODULE
ZWL-0200-02 969-0970-00 COVER, OPEN/LATCH
ZWL-0200-02 969-0974-00 LABEL, INDICATION
ZWL-0200-02 969-0975-00 COVER
ZWL-0200-02 969-0978-00 SHIELD, MAIN BOARD
ZWL-0200-02 969-0980-00 BRACKET, KEYBOARD, A
ZWL-0200-02 969-0982-00 BRACKET, KEYBOARD, C
ZWL-0200-02 969-0983-00 BRACKET, CABINET
ZWL-0200-02 969-0984-00 BRACKET, LCD LEFT
ZWL-0200-02 969-0985-00 BRACKET, LCD RIGHT
ZWL-0200-02 969-0986-00 COIL SPRING, LATCH
ZWL-0200-02 969-0987-00 SHIELD, KEYBOARD
ZWL-0200-02 969-0990-00 SPACER, LEFT REAR
ZWL-0200-02 969-0991-00 SPACER, RIGHT REAR
ZWL-0200-02 969-0992-00 BRACKET, BATTERY
ZWL-0200-02 969-0993-00 BRACKET, POWER SWITCH
ZWL-0200-02 969-0994-00 CABLE, BACKLIGHT
ZWL-0200-02 969-0995-00 BATTERY, 3.6 V, LITHIUM
ZWL-0200-02 969-0996-00 SWITCH, COVER OPEN
ZWL-0200-02 969-1175-00 FUSE, 4.0 A
ZWL-0200-02 969-1194-00 KEYBOARD
ZWL-0200-02 969-1196-00 POWER SUPPLY
ZWL-0200-02 969-1197-00 FLOPPY DRIVE, 1.44 MB, 3.5'
ZWL-0200-02 969-1198-00 SHIELD, FLOPPY DRIVE
ZWL-0200-02 969-1199-00 CABLE, FLOPPY DRIVE, POWER
ZWL-0200-02 969-1200-00 CABLE, HARD DRIVE, POWER
ZWL-0200-02 969-1388-00 CONTROL, CONTRAST, 50 K
ZWL-0200-02 969-1389-00 CONTROL, BRIGHTNESS, 100 K
ZWL-0200-02 969-1488-00 BACKLIGHT ASSEMBLY
ZWL-0200-02 969-2136-00 SPRING, LATCH
ZWL-0200-02 969-2137-00 PLATE SPRING
ZWL-0200-02 969-2139-00 SCREW, 2.0 X 7 MM, FTHD
ZWL-0200-02 969-2220-00 STANDOFF, HEX, METRIC
ZWL-0200-02 969-2393-00 POWER SUPPLY W/LCD CABLE

ZWL-0200-04 150-0413-00 AC ADAPTER, 110/220 VAC
ZWL-0200-04 150-0417-00 BATTERY, 4.0 A/HR
ZWL-0200-04 151-1058-00 HARD DRIVE, 40 MB, CP 343
ZWL-0200-04 193-0068-00 MAIN BOARD
ZWL-0200-04 232-0292-00 COVER, LCD CABLE
ZWL-0200-04 232-0402-00 POWER SUPPLY W/LCD CABLE
ZWL-0200-04 261-0067-00 FOOT, BOTTOM
ZWL-0200-04 418-0055-00 BATTERY, 4.0 A/HR
ZWL-0200-04 860-0197-00 MANUAL, SERVICE
ZWL-0200-04 969-0610-00 BACKLIGHT ASSEMBLY
ZWL-0200-04 969-0876-00 COVER, POWER SWITCH
ZWL-0200-04 969-0877-00 COVER, MODEM
ZWL-0200-04 969-0878-00 COVER, DIP SWITCH ACCESS
ZWL-0200-04 969-0879-00 BLANK PANEL, HARD DRIVE
ZWL-0200-04 969-0880-00 LATCH ASSEMBLY , LEFT
ZWL-0200-04 969-0881-00 LATCH ASSEMBLY , RIGHT
ZWL-0200-04 969-0882-00 COVER, HINGE, LEFT
ZWL-0200-04 969-0883-00 COVER, HINGE, RIGHT
ZWL-0200-04 969-0884-00 HINGE ASSEMBLY , LEFT
ZWL-0200-04 969-0885-00 HINGE ASSEMBLY , RIGHT
ZWL-0200-04 969-0894-00 CABLE, FLOPPY, INTERFACE
ZWL-0200-04 969-0896-00 BRACKET, FLOPPY DRIVE
ZWL-0200-04 969-0907-00 POWER SWITCH BOARD
ZWL-0200-04 969-0911-00 SPEAKER
ZWL-0200-04 969-0912-00 HANDLE
ZWL-0200-04 969-0942-00 CABINET, LCD BACK
ZWL-0200-04 969-0943-00 PLUG, LINE/TEL, MODEM COVER
ZWL-0200-04 969-0944-00 BACK PLATE, MAIN BOARD
ZWL-0200-04 969-0947-00 COVER, I/O PORTS
ZWL-0200-04 969-0950-00 MOUNTING PIN, HANDLE
ZWL-0200-04 969-0952-00 SHIELD, LCD
ZWL-0200-04 969-0953-00 CABINET, KEYBOARD
ZWL-0200-04 969-0954-00 CABINET, LCD FRONT
ZWL-0200-04 969-0955-00 LED INDICATOR BOARD
ZWL-0200-04 969-0956-00 VIDEO ADJ. BOARD
ZWL-0200-04 969-0957-00 LCD DISPLAY
ZWL-0200-04 969-0961-00 CABLE, LCD INTERFACE
ZWL-0200-04 969-0962-00 CABINET, BOTTOM
ZWL-0200-04 969-0964-00 BRACKET, I/O PORT COVER
ZWL-0200-04 969-0967-00 CUSHION, DISPLAY MODULE
ZWL-0200-04 969-0970-00 COVER, OPEN/LATCH
ZWL-0200-04 969-0974-00 LABEL, INDICATION
ZWL-0200-04 969-0975-00 COVER
ZWL-0200-04 969-0978-00 SHIELD, MAIN BOARD
ZWL-0200-04 969-0980-00 BRACKET, KEYBOARD, A
ZWL-0200-04 969-0982-00 BRACKET, KEYBOARD, C
ZWL-0200-04 969-0983-00 BRACKET, CABINET
ZWL-0200-04 969-0984-00 BRACKET, LCD LEFT
ZWL-0200-04 969-0985-00 BRACKET, LCD RIGHT
ZWL-0200-04 969-0986-00 COIL SPRING, LATCH
ZWL-0200-04 969-0987-00 SHIELD, KEYBOARD
ZWL-0200-04 969-0990-00 SPACER, LEFT REAR
ZWL-0200-04 969-0991-00 SPACER, RIGHT REAR
ZWL-0200-04 969-0992-00 BRACKET, BATTERY
ZWL-0200-04 969-0993-00 BRACKET, POWER SWITCH
ZWL-0200-04 969-0994-00 CABLE, BACKLIGHT
ZWL-0200-04 969-0995-00 BATTERY, 3.6 V, LITHIUM
ZWL-0200-04 969-0996-00 SWITCH, COVER OPEN
ZWL-0200-04 969-1175-00 FUSE, 4.0 A
ZWL-0200-04 969-1194-00 KEYBOARD
ZWL-0200-04 232-0425-00 POWER SUPPLY
ZWL-0200-04 969-1197-00 FLOPPY DRIVE, 1.44 MB, 3.5'
ZWL-0200-04 969-1198-00 SHIELD, FLOPPY DRIVE
ZWL-0200-04 969-1199-00 CABLE, FLOPPY DRIVE, POWER
ZWL-0200-04 969-1200-00 CABLE, HARD DRIVE, POWER
ZWL-0200-04 969-1388-00 CONTROL, CONTRAST, 50 K
ZWL-0200-04 969-1389-00 CONTROL, BRIGHTNESS, 100 K
ZWL-0200-04 969-1488-00 BACKLIGHT ASSEMBLY
ZWL-0200-04 969-2136-00 SPRING, LATCH
ZWL-0200-04 969-2137-00 PLATE SPRING
ZWL-0200-04 969-2139-00 SCREW, FTHD, 2.0 X 7 MM
ZWL-0200-04 969-2220-00 STANDOFF, HEX, METRIC
ZWL-0200-04 232-0425-00 POWER SUPPLY W/LCD CABLE

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